domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Things you'll never say

Finally my own blog.

I've decided to speak in english, in order to improve my use of it, and because its more easy to express myself. Im very conscious about the big number of mistakes that i will commit, but well, its my own blog and i will write everything that i want, as i want.

Im pretty sure that i will close this blog, or change completly its structure, very soon. As soon as i realize that its very stupid/weird.

Things you'll never say, as the name shows, is just a way to say what i think about the world around me, without the consequences of the society. And specially, things that people near to me do, and how i feel about those things.

And i wont lie, another reason to write it in english, is because i dont want you to know how i feel.

Welcome to things you'll never say.

(How many mistakes?)

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