sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008


He was called KF76S1
He was involved in Georgia war
He was a photographer
He had a Blog in Blogspot
He shows photos of the situation
He shows sometimes dead people
(True dead people)
He shows the pain of living people too

Like an old lady in the ruins of a house,
asking for help.

Like soldiers taking prisioners.

Like war wounds.
Open wounds
with true blood
as red as rubys blood.

Like whole constructions abandoned.

The next morning Blogspot closed and erased his account.

Its soooo easy living with eyes closed.
Soooo easy living in a world where Peter Pan
and Mickey are the priority of
new generations
and the worst thing that could happen
is a plane crash.
or maybe that their puppy die.

How are they going to act when war came to Us?
How are they going to stop it?

Thinking in something nice and with a little bit of tinkerbell's dust.

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