sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

Pushing Daisies

9 episodes
a whole season
just in a few hours.

That's not my name!
That's not my name!
That's not my... name!

First touch, you come back from death
Second touch, you die again, and this time, during the eternity.

Maybe JoLisa?

That's not my name!

If you come back from deth more than a minute period, a life will be pay with
another nearer life.

I wanna work with pace lee pace

viernes, 29 de agosto de 2008

Can't stop me now

My heart knows me better than i know myself
so im gonna let it do
all the talking.

I dont wanna to say it too loud
I'm happy

and hoping that my neuronal conexions are getting
and better.

lunes, 25 de agosto de 2008


Then i ran trough the corridor and jumped over you,
catching you by your hips,
falling over you,
and kissing your ear.

It's been our closer movement.

Then fade off,
And a big THE END appears in my

There's a price you pay,
there's a consequence.

The most special are the most lonely...
God, I pity the violins...

domingo, 24 de agosto de 2008

A Cannon

was fired at the light of the moon...

Thats simply just because the men have the instinc of
divide everything in categories,
we put categories to everything aroud us.

I always knew it was coming my way.
A big boat coming...

Take me away,
take me away....

sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008


He was called KF76S1
He was involved in Georgia war
He was a photographer
He had a Blog in Blogspot
He shows photos of the situation
He shows sometimes dead people
(True dead people)
He shows the pain of living people too

Like an old lady in the ruins of a house,
asking for help.

Like soldiers taking prisioners.

Like war wounds.
Open wounds
with true blood
as red as rubys blood.

Like whole constructions abandoned.

The next morning Blogspot closed and erased his account.

Its soooo easy living with eyes closed.
Soooo easy living in a world where Peter Pan
and Mickey are the priority of
new generations
and the worst thing that could happen
is a plane crash.
or maybe that their puppy die.

How are they going to act when war came to Us?
How are they going to stop it?

Thinking in something nice and with a little bit of tinkerbell's dust.

viernes, 22 de agosto de 2008

I met Mata Hari

She was in no hurry...

Even pregnant she is incredible.
I saw her three or four times looking at me.
staring at my eyes.
reading my thoughs.
singing with me.
just because i was the only one who know the lyrics.

I was just in front of her,
just two or three steps.
just in front of her.

My dark girl.

You are green
(maybe) means hope,
i wont be waiting for you.

no more.

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2008

Let's do the MARLANGO thing!

Yes, im going to another concert,
I didnt know that she is going to come to Jerez,
its a very good chance that i wont lose.

i wont lose,
no more times.

Come to this cradle
this unmade bed...

someday i will remember...

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

Forget all your troubles

forget all your cares,

my blue little child is sleeping.
Forgeting everything,
i dont need to suffer,
I found a PSOne,
Pan is dying,
Strike a pose...

In Algeciras everything is blue,

and my soul too.

martes, 12 de agosto de 2008


Mamma mia,
this is my life, and these are my choices.

Words of wisdom,
i need my own time,
i need to work,
i need to destroy every single glimpse of life around me,
life is not fair play,

im happy now,
just because nobody thinks about me,
i think im leaving to Algeciras.

(I can hear a voice that says "YOU LOSE")

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Nasty tuna night

The worst night,
everyone now know about me,
know who i am,

i dont know who i am.

maybe i go,
but in the last minute,
you appear again...

i cant keep this way.

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2008

Chinese '08


If the infernal girl were real, i would ask her to kill myself.
To revenge of myself.
Im my best enemy.
And the rest of the world are just variables.

modify the game variance...

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008


rigth now i feel stupid,
i should kiss you.
But i can't find the moment.

I hope that soon,
this tension
will be resolved.


miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

Hook's feelings

Ok, ok... maybe you are going to say something right.

When i'm going to give up, suddendly you say something like
let's dinner together.

Its a beginning, don't you think?

And it's so clear, that i hope that you never read this.
Perhaps i just made this to make you read this.

martes, 5 de agosto de 2008



Everyday im nearer.
Everyday I recive more answers,
and I have everything clear...

Now im entering in a process of forget and reset.
Just because i'm too close to see that
you are in the other side of the world to me.

You'll never say:
-Let's dinner together-
- Come with me -

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

Behind the window

I'm sooo tired, i dont want to sing "Maybe"
have enough strenght to do the things i'm suposse to do.

I hate the mobile phones, and i can't wait the mobile phones.
Suddendly vibration.
Oh, dont be scared.
You need to be quiet.
Its just my mum. . .

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Things you'll never say

Finally my own blog.

I've decided to speak in english, in order to improve my use of it, and because its more easy to express myself. Im very conscious about the big number of mistakes that i will commit, but well, its my own blog and i will write everything that i want, as i want.

Im pretty sure that i will close this blog, or change completly its structure, very soon. As soon as i realize that its very stupid/weird.

Things you'll never say, as the name shows, is just a way to say what i think about the world around me, without the consequences of the society. And specially, things that people near to me do, and how i feel about those things.

And i wont lie, another reason to write it in english, is because i dont want you to know how i feel.

Welcome to things you'll never say.

(How many mistakes?)