domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Why am i supposed to love if i don't want to?

When i saw you the first time,
you though i was an employer from a high school,
a sort of teacher.

But i was'nt.

Now i'm looking for you.
Cause i let you go,
Inside the reiki energy
Between my chakras.

Distance choku rei.
Cause you've opened a new way in my life.
Even without knowing it.

Of course, i will keep drinking coke.

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Clea dijo...

Hi, wonderful ex-student!

Stunned at your English texts: I don't know what I love more, your English or your texts.

Shocked as well because of the way I've found you. Just 3o minutes after my return from two lovely weeks in the lovely weeks of Portugal, I revise my emails and find a message from a person who typed my surnames on the internet looking for my brother - they were friends a decade ago. I did the same. I mean, I also typed my surnames in google and I found you. I found the butcher's knife text and two comments from my brother's old friend asking you about my email address.

Uauh! It looks like a Kiewslowski film.

Anyway, I found you and I found your fantastic English and your outstanding writing.

And if I was the first, I still have your fist tale locked in my wardrobe.


I hadn't disappeared. I've always been here.