lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Toghether during Gloomy Sunday

Sadly one sunday
i waited and waited
with flowers in my arms
all the dream has created
i waited 'til dreams,
like my heart, were all broken
the flowers were all dead
and the words were unspoken

Diamanda Galas
I could sing and play it till the end of universe,
it might be by a cold death,
or the universe may be compact, to explode again,
it depends on the quantity of dark material that universe contain itself.

God how i pity the horses,
if they could bite a little bit of meat.

I dont know why, if you are silenced,
i care about you and toghether toghether,
just because i'm dismised,
and i dont diserve it.

I suposse that's normal

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